Captured in Los Angeles
Captured in Los Angeles
Hawaii, Honolulu (American Idol Season 3)

Arthur Gunn Live / KHOJ

My name is “Dibesh Pokharel” well known by stage name “Arthur Gunn”. I sing, i write songs and i play music!!!

Singer songwriter, Musician and Artist Dibesh Pokharel, who is well known by his stage name “Arthur Gunn”. The name “Arthur Gunn” is derived from english names and the meaning is represented in these forms Art-Hur Gunn. The first three letters simply means Art, Hur means hole and Gunn made it to be “Art Hole Battle”. “Arthur Gunn” started his career from busking in streets to playing music in coffee houses and bars from the age of 16. Born in Nepal, Kathmandu later moved to United States of America in 2014. He was playing live music in pubs back home before he moved to United States, Wichita, KS. He began playing in coffee houses and bars in town and later travelled and began his odyssey of traveling and playing music with musical companions and friends he met along the journey. He self produced and released album named “Grahan” in the year of 2018, also the single “Ek Yatra” was released on the same year, after some years of traveling and playing live music. In 2019, He went back to Nepal to  tour for the album release of “Grahan”. In 2019 he came up with numbers of singles such as “Khoj”, “Karnali” and “Ma” also written and produced on his own. In the year of 2020, he auditioned for the, “American Idol Season 3” where he stood up as the “runner up” of the show. After the show, his rendition of “Have you ever seen the rain?” by the Creedence Clearwater Revival was released by Hollywood Records. In the same year he came up with the album “Self-Titled” working along with the producer “Angelo Rodriguez” & The Single “Jalai Mai” with the producer “Diwas Gurung”. For the year 2021, his second native album called “KHOJ” is soon to be released on March 22, 2021. Where as, in the year of 2021 he has come up with the single “Same Old Town” and “Rainy Days”. Also, The new EP is soon to be released on November 8. The new album, “Tell Me, How Do You Sleep At Night?” is out now on all major platforms.

New EP “Deha ra Aatma” is dated to be released on November 8.

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